After spilling almost a full ounce of breastmilk when pouring it into the bag and then discovering almost a full beer was spilled when the fridge door was closed in the kitchen, after my shower (to clean the liquid gold off my hand) I’m just going to lay in bed and drink lots of water for the evening.

Busy day today…getting ready for a trip is always so much work, but I’m so ready. We’re almost packed, dog is taken care of, Ryan is prepped to be home alone, etc. I’m ready to snuggle with the family before sleep, for tomorrow is another day.

I am so happy that I was able to be a surrogate and give friends the baby they’ve dreamed of and Jackson is so sweet.

However. The post partum skin, PMS, and period is not appreciated. So Jackson, baby…this ones for you.

Snuggling with two of my babies tonight. Missing Pumpkin but thankfully for the busy weekend and the chance to get a bunch of things done today.

Watching your cousin fighting a rousing battle of chess with her 5 year old son is way more entertaining than it should be.

This is the face of someone with greasy hair and dark circles under her eyes but has been having much better days. Less anxiety and overwhelming moments. I also realized that I had a period last week and am wondering how much of the intense feelings were because of PMS. So that’ll be interesting to discover next month.

Playing some Apples to Apples with the neighbor who hangs out before school and daddy! 😍

This is the face of an almost 4th grader who gets waffles with caramel and marshmallows for dinner. Last night before school starts tomorrow!

How I know I’m emotional af, just cried at the end of Twilight Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Legit tears.

I am so glad she enjoys these rides. It’s fun to watch her excitement. However, the post partum anxiety is manifesting hard core. Seeing her so high and even knowing that it’s safe, that she will be fine, is still really hard mentally.

If you write, you’re a writer. If you make art, you’re an artist. If you take photos, you’re a photographer.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Happy State Fair Day! Fun day with mom and Avi before school starts!

Every. Damn. Morning. The first pump of the day, helps me. He’s such a good helper. 🙄

If you don’t selfie at the gym, did you even go?

I fell out for the last couple weeks of going, after being sick and hurting my back again, but I’m concentrating on getting back on track again. Hoping it will help the apparent post partum anxiety that I’ve started having. Come on, brain squirrels, leave me alone.

"What is Mastodon?"

"It's a competition to see who can find the funniest domain name for their instance"

"I thought it was a social network?"

"Yeah it's that too, I suppose"

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