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Just finished reading The Fuse volume 4. The writer is a friend, but this series is excellent!

@brentsimmons See, part of the problem of social media is the people 😉

Hey! I do a podcast about Star Trek in which I chat with people who are smarter, better looking, and more interesting than I am.

Listen to the latest episode and tell me all about the other Star Trek podcasts you like better than mine (that’s lots of fun to hear!):

Will this week's Talk Show begin with 25 minutes about mechanical keyboards, Keyboard Maestro, and using MarsEdit with a custom apache config file for files generated with Movable Type?

Well I mean, what are the chances....


if you say something and feel like you need to ether append or prepend "I don't mean to sound like I'm sexist"

you're being sexist

Maybe it’s because I’m less than a day in — but the user interface of *everything* around Mastodon and the client apps I’ve tried is not good. I’m constantly confused.

I’m really hoping for the Tweetbot and Twitterrific of Mastodon to appear. With a Mac app too — that supports multiple accounts (because I use multiple accounts).

60 degrees and foggy here today with slight drizzle but the kids will go back to school and then it'll be 90 degrees

Are you here from Twitter and have switched instances recently? Don't forget to do the following:

1. Go to and log out of your old instance, then log in with your new instance so people can find you at your new home.
2. If you left a pointer/invite link on your Twitter account, update it for your new instance/account.

I think a Genius community manager just negged me.

I don't know how Mastodon handles custom emoji but I all I have to say is :skeletor:

That's my buddy the hooded skeleton.

I almost registered last night. Still out there folks.

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