@joesteel @dan Yeah, it's a podcast with access to staff that doesn't just focus on actors or even actors and writers... and wants to do more than just say how great the show is. It's refreshingly informative.

"Just giving you a hard time" says a guy on Twitter. Why, because you think giving people a hard time is fun? It's not. Maybe just don't say anything.

@CrucialTK it was a joke, I can't actually send them anywhere

@yves doesn't display anything. Any pages. No idea.

I posted a grammar thread for developers on Twitter. Should I repost here?

Me on Twitter: "Here's a thing that would make the iPad Pro better."

Them: "It's not a problem, Apple has its reasons, I don't care about it, I never noticed it, do you realize you're advocating for the precise thing you said in your tweet."

Great stuff

@bhansmeyer I hate to recommend spoofing a different device but at this point I think it needs to happen. iPads aren't iPhones, people. If I've got the most powerful JavaScript engine on the planet in the A12X, maybe, oh I don't know, I COULD RUN GOOGLE DOCS IN A BROWSER IF I WANTED?

@aleen I now assume it is just in maintenance mode until it's replaced with Music from iOS. Which will not be as good, IMO, as a music player.

If anyone has never watched before (or has, & it didn't take). I highly, HIGHLY giving the new series a chance. It still may not be for you, but now is the perfect time to jump in and find out! It feels so different, and you need ZERO context coming in with Jodie Whittaker's Doctor.

@gregpak I'm sorry this too so long -- by default movies are sized so they go to the notch and stop, rather than get obscured. You can double tap to force them under the notch, but by default they don't. Which is only right.

@jsnell there’s no comparison. One is a phone and one is a tablet.

@charliemchapman yes, the series 1 is not much better than the series 0... then again, the series 3 is also a lot faster than the series 1!

@JHappach I had the larger watch and I'm going to stick with that.

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