My Roomba keeps trying to come into the garage. There's a pretty large step down there. Don't do it, Roomba!

Follow-up: Now I'm aggressively liking posts that the guy I blocked on Twitter would've been angry about.

I had a new one today on Twitter. A guy found all the people he followed who liked a tweet he disliked and sent them all tweets confronting them about it. I don't really think he was arguing in good faith (it felt like sea-lioning to me), but it doesn't really matter--I am not interested in having someone insert themselves in my _likes_ in order to debate them. I don't care if Twitter surfaces that for people, I don't consider my likes a performance and I'm not interested in feedback about 'em.

@yatil Oh interesting! Until we got this lock we always had to take keys too... but I know what you're saying, the act of spinning the lock is what opens the latch and lets you go in the door.

Today's Twitter interaction

Me a few days ago: "I asked my HomePod to play a playlist and it played a random shared playlist with almost the same name instead."

Him: "I just tried to play a playlist and it worked. Maybe you should learn to speak more clearly."

Me: <block button>

@sageolson i'm exhausted by people trying to prove a general statement invalid because there's an exception here or there. But that's twitter. If a podcast lets you down it lets you down

I tweeted saying, essentially, "consistency is very important" and got a lot of people replying that consistency doesn't really matter.

If people can't count on you they won't. It's that simple. If you think that's okay, I can't help you. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hey Fants*. Been a while. I'm mostly just using Twitter a bit less and with most retweets turned off, but it's nice to shout into the void here occasionally too ;-)

* You should read Barsk, it's a good book.

@joesteel @dan Yeah, it's a podcast with access to staff that doesn't just focus on actors or even actors and writers... and wants to do more than just say how great the show is. It's refreshingly informative.

"Just giving you a hard time" says a guy on Twitter. Why, because you think giving people a hard time is fun? It's not. Maybe just don't say anything.

@CrucialTK it was a joke, I can't actually send them anywhere

@yves doesn't display anything. Any pages. No idea.

I posted a grammar thread for developers on Twitter. Should I repost here?

Me on Twitter: "Here's a thing that would make the iPad Pro better."

Them: "It's not a problem, Apple has its reasons, I don't care about it, I never noticed it, do you realize you're advocating for the precise thing you said in your tweet."

Great stuff

@bhansmeyer I hate to recommend spoofing a different device but at this point I think it needs to happen. iPads aren't iPhones, people. If I've got the most powerful JavaScript engine on the planet in the A12X, maybe, oh I don't know, I COULD RUN GOOGLE DOCS IN A BROWSER IF I WANTED?

@aleen I now assume it is just in maintenance mode until it's replaced with Music from iOS. Which will not be as good, IMO, as a music player.

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