Today's Twitter interaction

Me a few days ago: "I asked my HomePod to play a playlist and it played a random shared playlist with almost the same name instead."

Him: "I just tried to play a playlist and it worked. Maybe you should learn to speak more clearly."

Me: <block button>

@jsnell it's very frustrating to live in an entirely Apple ecosystem right now, it's an objectively sub-par experience right now in terms of Siri/Alexa/Google, even if I do want Apple to succeed

@jsnell 😂- people are hilarious. Happy New Year Jason, here’s hoping 2019 is the year Siri does playlist for more than just that one guy.

@jsnell Ha! Siri Claus brought me a HomePod, and I optimistically kicked Alexa out of the bedroom. After one day of lighting, thermostat, and informational requests gone wrong, Alexa is back ... and the HomePod is relegated to playing music from playlists, all of which I renamed to single word titles so that Siri could manage them. Good grief!

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