I tweeted saying, essentially, "consistency is very important" and got a lot of people replying that consistency doesn't really matter.

If people can't count on you they won't. It's that simple. If you think that's okay, I can't help you. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@jsnell agreed! and at the same time, I want my customers/consumers/audience to push me toward becoming my very best, and if someone doesn't value (or even perceive) consistency, they probably can't be part of that virtuous cycle

@jsnell I *think* the problem is that a lot of your more vocal followers have been listening to podcasts since maybe The Talk Show 1.0 days (as I have), so they lose the forest for the trees.

I’m subscribed to 40+ podcasts and have 60+ hours in the queue at any given time so I don’t care about schedule consistency, but I won’t pretend for one second that that’s normal. If I were starting my own podcast I’d definitely adhere as strictly as I could to a schedule.

@sageolson i'm exhausted by people trying to prove a general statement invalid because there's an exception here or there. But that's twitter. If a podcast lets you down it lets you down

@jsnell Consistency is crucial in many ways. Seems like an odd response to get.

@jsnell Even Gruber has a “roughly every two weeks” schedule. And even if people don’t unsubscribe when you’re irregular, they might listen less or de-prioritize the podcast. I think communicating expectations is important.

@jsnell I'm so married to the weekly release of podcasts on the day they are supposed to come out that early releases or special bonus episodes really throw a wrench in my queue

@jsnell as a fan of your work, I’m glad you offer consistency. Hello Internet is great, but I love knowing on Monday’s (as an example) that I’ll listen to Upgrade while at the gym.

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