I have the iPhone XS and XS Max here along with the Watch Series 4, so if you do have questions that haven't yet been answered by one of the many other reviews or reviewers, go for it

@jsnell there’s no comparison. One is a phone and one is a tablet.

@jsnell does series 4 having Bluetooth 5 help transfer speeds of audio files (Overcast or Audible) compared to Series 3 and before? Any other benefits from both having Bluetooth 5 like greater range before disconnecting?

@jsnell people keep saying how much faster the series 4 feels then the series 0, but would I notice that much of a bump from the series 1?

@charliemchapman Definitely. My SO has the S1 which wasn't much better than my 0.

@charliemchapman yes, the series 1 is not much better than the series 0... then again, the series 3 is also a lot faster than the series 1!

@jsnell Do you like the size of which ever watch size you have? Which did you have before and which would you choose now?

@JHappach I had the larger watch and I'm going to stick with that.

@jsnell would it be possible to post a picture of the Max next to an iPad mini please?

@jsnell Apple Watch restore process broke my Nike Run Club app (says it’s installed but it’s not and when I turn it on it says I need to update watchOS, but I’m on latest on Series 4).

Did you have any software related glitches that affect the “illusion”?

@jsnell Could you do a Max vs. iPad Mini comparison? Also the Watch S3 was was bigger than the S2, but the S2 vs. the S4?

@jsnell But in a world where the iPad mini has been killed, those of us who loved it are desperate to find the thing to fill the hole Apple left in our hearts.

Dramatic, but true.

@jsnell can you compare the camera to a mirrorless or DSLR? I've been thinking about getting off the upgrade cycle in favor of just carrying a mirrorless or DSLR with me.

@jsnell Does the notch on the screen cover part of a movie when you're playing video?

@gregpak I'm sorry this too so long -- by default movies are sized so they go to the notch and stop, rather than get obscured. You can double tap to force them under the notch, but by default they don't. Which is only right.

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