@jsnell Holy cow! I can't wait to get home and....update my base station firmware?

@jsnell I was really excited to hear this! I was sure this’d never happen!

@jsnell I still like the wall wart form factor. Discontinuing that was a bit like the possibility of discontinuing the MacBook Air.

@jsnell Wow can’t believe Apple updated it. I should take mine out of storage with that first gen Apple TV.

@jsnell Kind of wish there had been an update for my AirPort Extreme too. But I get why not.

@jsnell I still have the previous generation (wall wart) sitting in a drawer… I should pull it out and set it up on the old stereo in the family room. I miss these products.

@jsnell One of his brothers is still providing our WiFi. I had no reason to switch. Very solid and Airplay was Killer—until the HomePod … appeared.

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