@jsnell Haha! Was that the wacky domain name you bought? It’s perfect.

@jsnell Curious to watch you do this. How's it work -- you create a new identity in a new instance and then just tell your followers of your other identity and hope they follow your new identity?

This, tbh, feels like the aspect of Mastodon that'll keep it from really pulling in mainstream users. Until you can transfer followers from one acct to another, it feels like too much lost energy, doesn't it?

@gregpak yeah, we'll see - there's a "forward" function in preferences but I'm unclear what it does.

@rmlewisuk @jsnell @gregpak Is that it right now? I've been trying to find some documentation but all I'm really coming up with are open PRs and discussions about what it should do.

@jsnell how long have you been sitting in that domain?

@jsnell perhaps a dumb question, but - any reference or guides you followed to setup your own instance? I can setup websites with Apache and know my way around the command line but I feel like this may be beyond my abilities.

@jsnell well that just seems like a much better idea, thanks!

@jsnell how deep have you gotten into different Mastodon iOS apps? I’m trying out Tootdon right now... it’s pretty good!

@jsnell it has a feature to add other instances (ones you don’t have an account with) so you can follow (and interact with) that instance’s local timeline

@jonkit @jsnell
I used this guide to get jenkins.cc running today on my Linode Server. I had to switch to Nginx from Apache but not too difficult.

@jamie @jsnell nice! I found a guide for a Docker install and setup one on Linode as well. Mostly just to play around with... but we’ll see if it sticks

@jsnell found you over on mastodon.social and saw that you were moving to zeppelin.flights. What’s the reason to choose one instance over another? I’m so confused!

@brianedwards Wanted to own my own instance, with friends I invite, so the local timeline will be sane and so I get a spiffy domain of my own choosing 😉

Excellent Snell-O-Tron
Brilliant game and great fun. Thanks.

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