Related: we are doing a holiday giveaway. Anyone on can gift a 3-month subscription to a friend or family member. We are all friends here, right? Let me know if you'd like me to gift one to you.

We’ve extended our holiday giveaway through this weekend. If you invite someone to, they’ll get 3 free months of blog hosting.

Checking in over here. I've been following Mastodon folks via my account, and the integration is going well. Now, if I could get people to switch to following my posts, Indieweb nirvana would be achieved. Search for @ jean @ micro. welltempered . net (without spaces)

My word for 2019 is Grace, and yesterday was devoted to Grace Slick, to give you an idea of what you'd be subscribing to.

Happy Boxing Day! I'm testing something so I started following this Mastodon account from, where I'm @ jean @ and I hope I don't fall into a black hole of infinite social media reply recursion.

It's a small experiment but successful so far. I'm using my account to follow and reply without using a separate Mastodon account or app. Open standards ftw!

To follow using Mastodon, you have to search to find me: (at) jean (at) (I'm not using zeppelin dot flights as my primary Mastodon presence while I experiment with this integrated option.)

I'm switching my Mastodon activities to @ jean @, my user ID. I'm following Mastodon users via the timeline, and have turned off cross-posting from to this instance. This account will be inactive at least temporarily, so I can test whether I like using my own account for Mastodon.

tl;dr Follow @ jean @

[Spaces in user names because otherwise the "jean" name defaults to zeppelin flights.]

Ada was spayed today, a recommended procedure to avoid future health issues. The vet was concerned because she was really slow to recover appetite and normal body temp after surgery, but she is eating her hay and that’s what you want to see.

The Kids Are Alright, the film that confirmed me as a huge fan of The Who when it was released in 1979, is on Amazon Prime now. I really enjoy rock documentaries like this. 🇬🇧 🎸

Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp For Women is a bold move that I am excited about. If your app company has a woman founder, co-founder, or CEO, you could be eligible for hands-on training, ongoing support and tickets to WWDC.

Guinea pigs restored to their rightful place in the main room of the house. I missed them. They missed proximity to the fridge.

I moved Grace and Ada to the office today to make room for 12 Thanksgiving guests. This setup is not long-term, unless Guinea Pig Wheekly becomes my only podcast gig.

Need a romaine alternative? Escarole is a nice leafy green that can be served cold or wilted. I share my recipe on The Incomparable Thanksgiving Draft podcast, and it’s posted on the site along with other recipes from my podcast comrades.

When I was little, I’d get a lollipop as a reward after visit to the doctor. For Grace and Ada, wheat grass after a successful vet checkup.

Trader Joe’s does not judge. (I’m not a fan anymore, but sweet potatoes+marshmallows was my favorite as a kid. Apparently haters have sprouted up in the intervening decades.)

Not too enthusiastic about our annual checkup. Even though Dr. Mark Burgess is the best guinea pig vet.

I've enabled [Activity Pub support]( on my domain. For starters, I'm using it to follow a few folks who are mainly posting on Mastodon via But I'm not ready to switch my Mastodon ID just yet.

If you follow me at @jean, you'll follow my posts via Mastodon.

It might sound confusing 🤯, but eventually I expect to do everything for Mastodon via Brave new social media world!

The kilogram is in the news, and it reminds me of the song “Kilogram” by my favorite musical nerd sister duo, The Doubleclicks. Warning: You might find yourself feeling sad for that kilogram in France.…

The new episode of The Weekly Review podcast is focused on staying sane during the holidays. And with Thanksgiving coming up, James Dempsey and I also take a moment to be thankful: for the listeners and friends who make this podcast possible, and for our favorite software too!

Got any holiday hacks you want to share?

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