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I was on an episode of The Incomparable where we drafted film scores.

Trying to roll a natural 20 on Persuasion in real life

Update days are only a little overwhelming. Even when you’ve been anticipating them for several months.

All right, team. Time to buckle down. We gotta make it through the next six months, because SIX MONTHS FROM TODAY my next book, The Bayern Agenda, comes out.

What’s in this book for you, you might ask? Imagine if John Le Carré wrote a Mission: Impossible story that took place on a planet that’s entirely one large corporation, against the backdrop of a galactic cold war. Yeah. That.

You can do me what the kids call “a solid” and pre-order it right now. dmoren.com/the-bayern-agenda/

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New episode of The Rebound! Which I’m only posting here so I can tag @Moltz. reboundcast.com/episode/202

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Jesus, didn’t we have a Monday last week?

"Yes, we are on opposing sides, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sit down and have a drink with each other."

A little bit about what inspired my upcoming sci-fi espionage novel, The Bayern Agenda, over at Unbound Worlds. unboundworlds.com/2018/08/dan-

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Hi. I just posted the latest episode of Originality with


I have died of sqee.


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The thing I want most from a Mastodon client right now is a way to view replies/mentions separately from all of the other notifications. I don't need a separate accounting of every boost or favorite, but I would like to feel confident I'm not missing any conversations. Or jokes. Jokes are important.

I’ve shared this on that other site, but let’s mention it here, too: I’ve got a new book coming out next March!

THE BAYERN AGENDA is a science-fiction/espionage adventure set against the backdrop of a galactic cold war.


I just recorded a podcast on The Vor Game, from my favorite series of novels that I will never ever ever shut up about no you can’t make me.

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Because @dmoren is a pro, he's already edited and posted the latest episode of INCONCEIVABLE! Listen to me be wrong about everything: theincomparable.com/gameshow/9

I did one of those things where I round up a group of people and make them answer questions for my amusement. And I made them do it live, in a hotel room. With @HollyGoDarkly, @Legopolis, @helenewecker, @rakdaddy, @navahw, and ¥Warren Frey. theincomparable.com/gameshow/9

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I just saw my first animated GIF avatar and I’m thinking about burning every single instance of Mastodon to the ground now.

Zeppelin Flights

Lighter-than-air flights depart daily. Hosted by The Incomparable.