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2 Years ago my mom died from colorectal cancer.

About 2 weeks from now I’m running a 5k in her memory to raise funds for cancer research.

I’m currently $400 from my goal. If you can spare a few bucks I’d appreciate it (and yes, this won’t be the last time I mention this!):

I’ve shared this on that other site, but let’s mention it here, too: I’ve got a new book coming out next March!

THE BAYERN AGENDA is a science-fiction/espionage adventure set against the backdrop of a galactic cold war.

I'm very excited to start reading this. All hail the powers of @jsnell

What do you do when your favorite t-shirt gets too big?

Buy a new one the size down. Hurrah!

Zeppelin Flights

Lighter-than-air flights depart daily. Hosted by The Incomparable.