@blankbaby cardiologists hate you for this one simple trick!

Here's my super secret tip for getting all your steps in: go for a 6 mile run. Works every time!

@jsnell @Moltz Acorn has lots of other lovely gentle shows as well (and more with United Kingdom murders… which are just so much classier).

Since I have an iPhone X I see little reason to spend lots of money to get a new iPhone. Though that may change when I see an iPhone XS Max (that name is seriously seriously bad) in person. TO THE EXTREME! *guitar riff*

@chriskay It is annoying to find out how much battery they have left. The white makes it clear how gross they get, sometimes they both don’t want to connect to my phone. The slowly flipping the case up doesn’t always work to bring up the battery info. I still think they look dumb on people.

My AirPods are both my favorite and least favorite headphones.

Tomorrow I run, so there’s still time for you to donate a couple bucks for colorectal cancer research in honor of my mom:


Any amount is appreciated, and everyone who donates will get a race report from me! Oh! Fancy!

So, colorectal cancer killed my mother (that’s more dramatic than saying she died of cancer, I think).

I would like to help make sure other people don’t, so I’m running a 5K this Saturday and raising some money.

If you can spare some money (any amount!) I’d appreciate it:


@Stevecraig that's not lame! I feel like the movies made Kirk more interesting (to me).

@blankbaby it has to be the Chris Pine Kirk. My initial reason are the scenes on Iowa in ST2009, but beyond that Pine has played Kirk with a lot more subtlety than Shatner ever did. Just that moment on his face where Uhura is angry at him for emotionally compromising Spock is so subtle and says so much more is under Kirk than what he shows the world.


Who is your favorite Star Trek character, across all movies/series/properties?

RIght now mine is: Kira Nerys. She has a complicated backstory, her principles get her into trouble (and she’s ok with that) and she’s not interesting in taking any of your guff. She also has a healthy distrust of Starfleet and the government but works with them to make them better for her people. 🖖

@aleen It is a very different beast, these monologue podcasts.

The first time I tried to wing it and it was awful, so now I write a little script and that makes me feel better (though who knows if that makes the podcast any good!).

What I'm saying is: you should totally do it! You'll be great.

I often podcast about Star Trek but sometimes I podcast about books I've recently read. And recently I've read 4 fun mysteries: theincomparable.com/recentlyre

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