Who is your favorite Star Trek character, across all movies/series/properties?

RIght now mine is: Kira Nerys. She has a complicated backstory, her principles get her into trouble (and she’s ok with that) and she’s not interesting in taking any of your guff. She also has a healthy distrust of Starfleet and the government but works with them to make them better for her people. 🖖

@blankbaby it has to be the Chris Pine Kirk. My initial reason are the scenes on Iowa in ST2009, but beyond that Pine has played Kirk with a lot more subtlety than Shatner ever did. Just that moment on his face where Uhura is angry at him for emotionally compromising Spock is so subtle and says so much more is under Kirk than what he shows the world.


@blankbaby I don't have a favorite character, but my favorite thing about Star Trek is the humanitarian vibe of the Federation that is usually a key part of each series, and is often made part of the plot. It's something that elevates the shows beyond just being a scifi action show.

@blankbaby Wait, I favorite character is Dr. McCoy; because he is spicy.

@blankbaby When everything is said and done, it's still Dr. McCoy from TOS. His dry humor and satirical asides on whatever else is going on with the Enterprise have aged well.

@blankbaby that is a really difficult question but I think Data would be in the top five, every series spends a lot of time exploring what it means to be human but I think his arc is the most interesting, though probably not the most meaningful.

@blankbaby Mine is definitely Garak. I love the slow reveal of who he is and his history. But I think what I love most about him was his sense of humor, and the way he tried to always project an air of detachment, but every once in a while you’d get a look at the depths beneath that cover and realize he was someone who really did care deeply about things, even if he wished he didn’t. #MyFavStarTrekCharacter🖖

@blankbaby I'll second @droct and his Garak choice. Garak has strength, though half the time he's hiding that strength with his tailor act and the other half of the time he's hiding his weakness.

But if I had to choose someone else, it'd be Sisko, especially the strong, loving father.


@blankbaby For me it's Picard. He is the kind of leader that all people should have as their boss.


@blankbaby I've thought about this all day, but I still keep coming back to the most obvious answer for me: Captain Janeway. She's a scientist, a scholar, and a fierce leader. She takes big risks and makes the hard decisions. She is my hero.

@jean @blankbaby

Janeway is a badass. Have you seen “The Captians”? The interview with Kate Mulgrew is… well, I’ll just say she comes across a lot better than Shatner (her interviewer) does.

@mkb @blankbaby Yes! I thought she was good on The Captains. I saw her in person, reading from her memoir. She blew us away. She is a class act.

@blankbaby I know there is recency effect at play here, but I really like Tilly. She reminds me of all the things I liked and identified with about Barclay, but with so much extra awesome that I don’t even mind Discovery making me read all those Klingon subtitles. #MyFavStarTrekCharacter

@blankbaby Funny that no one has cited Spock in this thread. I guess he is a given and we've all moved on?


@blankbaby Scotty, o' course. "You read technical manuals in your free time?" "Aye…!" "What is this?" "It's… GREEN." "You cannae break the laws of physics!"

Spock's a runner-up when he's loosened up a bit (Piece of the Action, say, not Galileo Seven).


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