I often podcast about Star Trek but sometimes I podcast about books I've recently read. And recently I've read 4 fun mysteries:

@blankbaby I love this podcast. Not for the books, but the podcasters' opinions.

@blankbaby I really need to record an episode. I'm oddly nervous about it, though.

@aleen It is a very different beast, these monologue podcasts.

The first time I tried to wing it and it was awful, so now I write a little script and that makes me feel better (though who knows if that makes the podcast any good!).

What I'm saying is: you should totally do it! You'll be great.

@blankbaby Everyone else has set such a high bar! I have a book I really want to talk about, though.

@blankbaby @aleen I really like the Recently Read episodes. It’s great to have so many different voices and interests.

You need a new podcast. Daily book reviews. You read enough to keep up!

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