Hey! I do a podcast about Star Trek in which I chat with people who are smarter, better looking, and more interesting than I am.

Listen to the latest episode and tell me all about the other Star Trek podcasts you like better than mine (that’s lots of fun to hear!):

@blankbaby I haven’t listened to the newest episode yet, but Lower Decks is one of my favorite TNG episodes and I am excited to hear what you and @mrssoup have to say!

@gnallen @mrssoup Hurrah! It is a good episode (of both the podcast and the show!).

@blankbaby Yours is my favorite ST podcast. I’ve seen every ST episode multiple times, and I love your premise, execution, guests, and discussions. My friends do “The People vs. Star Trek: Voyager” and it reminds me often of your episodes and how you’ve come around quite a bit on ST:V since you’ve started.

@blankbaby Random Trek is one of my favourite shows of any genre, any where. Thanks for doing it. And Lower Decks is an amazing episode!

@blankbaby Captain Janeway (whom my ex lovingly dubbed “Momma Janeway”) is a wonderful matronly leader and Voyager was a great goddamned show. Don’t @ me. 😋

@joshuanozzi I’d say she was a great leader period. No matronly about it!

@bgeerdes @blankbaby Err, she was both matronly AND a great leader. Not sure why saying so would need to be hedged, since it’s one of my favorite qualities about her as a captain.

@joshuanozzi @bgeerdes “matron” is a pretty loaded word. I don’t think many women in power would really want to be known as a matron. Though I’m not a woman, so I could be wrong!

@blankbaby @bgeerdes “I’m not a woman...” Well there you go. In whose book is “matron” loaded or negative? I respect matronly women who, unlike most male leaders, manage to be both leaders and emotionally intelligent, caring people. Let’s not attach unnecessary baggage to a wonderful word.

@blankbaby @bgeerdes This was such a weird and unnecessary thing to correct a stranger on. Really.

@blankbaby @joshuanozzi Different women would think differently about it, I imagine, so I don't think your not being a woman is a limitation here. ;)

@bgeerdes @blankbaby All about context. Example: assholes who hated on Voyager specifically because Janeway’s a strong female lead. Counter example: my calling Janeway matronly and a strong leader.

@blankbaby @joshuanozzi Janeway is a fictional character, so I'll posit that she doesn't mind the term. :)

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