Hey! I do a podcast about Star Trek in which I chat with people who are smarter, better looking, and more interesting than I am.

Listen to the latest episode and tell me all about the other Star Trek podcasts you like better than mine (that’s lots of fun to hear!):

@blankbaby I haven’t listened to the newest episode yet, but Lower Decks is one of my favorite TNG episodes and I am excited to hear what you and @mrssoup have to say!

@gnallen @mrssoup Hurrah! It is a good episode (of both the podcast and the show!).

@blankbaby Yours is my favorite ST podcast. I’ve seen every ST episode multiple times, and I love your premise, execution, guests, and discussions. My friends do “The People vs. Star Trek: Voyager” and it reminds me often of your episodes and how you’ve come around quite a bit on ST:V since you’ve started.

@blankbaby Random Trek is one of my favourite shows of any genre, any where. Thanks for doing it. And Lower Decks is an amazing episode!

@blankbaby Captain Janeway (whom my ex lovingly dubbed “Momma Janeway”) is a wonderful matronly leader and Voyager was a great goddamned show. Don’t @ me. 😋

@joshuanozzi I’d say she was a great leader period. No matronly about it!

@bgeerdes @blankbaby Err, she was both matronly AND a great leader. Not sure why saying so would need to be hedged, since it’s one of my favorite qualities about her as a captain.

@joshuanozzi @bgeerdes “matron” is a pretty loaded word. I don’t think many women in power would really want to be known as a matron. Though I’m not a woman, so I could be wrong!

@blankbaby @bgeerdes “I’m not a woman...” Well there you go. In whose book is “matron” loaded or negative? I respect matronly women who, unlike most male leaders, manage to be both leaders and emotionally intelligent, caring people. Let’s not attach unnecessary baggage to a wonderful word.

@blankbaby @bgeerdes This was such a weird and unnecessary thing to correct a stranger on. Really.

@blankbaby @joshuanozzi Different women would think differently about it, I imagine, so I don't think your not being a woman is a limitation here. ;)

@bgeerdes @blankbaby All about context. Example: assholes who hated on Voyager specifically because Janeway’s a strong female lead. Counter example: my calling Janeway matronly and a strong leader.

@blankbaby @joshuanozzi Janeway is a fictional character, so I'll posit that she doesn't mind the term. :)

@blankbaby Hey, weren’t you going to have me on your podcast a while back? I don’t know if I fit that description, but I’m still game. ;-)

My friends AAl and Matt do The Post Atomic Horror Podcast and I’ve guested on there once per season. They’ve covered every single episode of every series (incl. animated!) and movie of Star Trek up to halfway through Disco.

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