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When I moved, I lost my post.

Hi! My name is Aleen [uh-lean], not Alan. I live in Seattle with my husband, J (@VioletPixel) and two cats, Fate and Raven.

I help indie iOS and Mac developers with the non-code side of launching their apps as well as some UX writing at I'm also writing a Field Guide to help first-timers make sure they have their ducks in a row before they launch.

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I podcast about creating and creativity on Originality ( I also sometimes talk about pop culture and books on The Incomparable ( and play Dungeons and Dragons (

I occasionally write on my blog:

I like reading, fountain pens, and Splatoon 2. Yes, that's absolutely a comprehensive list of things I like. Yes, my sense of humor is sarcastic and dry.

1. J 弘
2. Buckled down, got a solid outline finished for the App Launch Map Field Guide.
3. Bubble tea.

1. Squeaky clean, slightly reorganized desk.
2. Cool weather.
3. Audiobook recommendations from @mikah.

1. I think I've finally figured out how to organize the bathroom.
2. There were literally zero people waiting before me when I went to get my blood drawn this morning.
3. We didn't get rid of the jug of Nature's Miracle like I thought we had.

1. Flexibility in my schedule.
2. Cuddly Raven-cat, even though it means she doesn't feel well.
3. It's bedtime and I'm actually tired.

1. Splatoon!
2. Understanding that when I feel overwhelmed, I need to step back. Or sleep. Or eat
3. A strong relationship with my mom.

1. My desk is finally unburied.
2. I have a plan on how I'll start the day tomorrow.
3. We have an in-unit washer and dryer.

1. Chaos to remind me of calm.
2. New iPad to help me get work done.
3. Public transportation to get me from place to place without driving.

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I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up monetization in the App Store and I don't understand how Instapaper can do this. Isn't this a blatant violation of the guidelines? Am I missing something?

(Even if you're a big fish in the app pond, you may still be leaving reviews on the table if you don't have a press kit. I didn't think they were important until I started asking around. I was wrong.)

If you have a lot of cachet? Sure. Fuck the press kit. You're awesome. People will write about your app(s) no matter what.

Little devs? Invest the time.

Oh, I know! [App1] will have a great press kit! ...oh. It's zipped and can't be viewed on iOS.

What about [App2]? press kit.

The folks at [App3] have a great eye for detail! ...hasn't been updated since iOS 9.

Y'all are killing me.

I'm going to die looking for good examples of press kits.

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You know how Dorian Gray safeguards his painting?

You know how Scrooge McDuck protects his number one dime?

You know how Sm矇agol cherishes the One Ring?

Thats how I want app developers to feel about my scroll position in Mastodon apps.

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Update: they were out of cinnamon rolls. Instead, we got chicken! Which is probably a better choice anyway.

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