The Detectorists on Netflix is a great tonic for, well, lots of things. Recommended.

@Moltz yes yes yes! A favorite of mine. Season three is only on Acorn, alas. Or the backs of trucks I suppose.

@jsnell @Moltz Acorn has lots of other lovely gentle shows as well (and more with United Kingdom murders… which are just so much classier).

@Moltz agreed +100 on The Dectorists. The music alone can bliss me out after the worst day. Thanks for the reminder!

@Moltz The Detectorists. Excellent series, but had to buy Series3 from iTunes - but well worth it. So glad you appreciate English humour. You got style Moltz.

@Rog48 Yeah, not quite through S2 yet but might have to do the same. Cheers!

@Moltz I’m itching for season 3. Maybe I’ll just rewatch both seasons now.

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