My kid didn’t get up until 9 but still managed to turn a Sith to the light side in a 15-year-old video game before 3pm. Ball’s in your court, 4am executives.

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You think you're cool, but you're not goth girl with a raven on the subway cool.

Spent 25 minutes trying to figure out what the crows were chasing around the neighborhood before they flew off into the distance so I guess YOU CAN JUST KEEP YOUR STUPID CROW SECRETS, YA JERKS

Rudy Giuliani sometime soon: “You can’t believe Cohen, he’s a liar! We know because he lied to congress for us on several occaisions at our instruction!"

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Thirst is strong on the fediverse this evening

The iPhone camera bump will finally go away when the back side of the device is covered in 24 cameras.

[dink doo doo doo]
[dink doo doo doo]
[dink doo doo doo]

The boy needs new shoes because he’s outgrown his old ones so I guess you could say right now he’s got... Sketchers of pain.

Today’s mail consisted of one coupon to a restaurant we never eat at so Christmas really is over.

Watching Mrs. Maisel and making okonomiyaki and pot stickers on Christmas eve. If I read Ms. Marvel later as I plan to, do I win some kind of cultural bingo?

I prefer to think 18-year-old me would be impressed at how many overly long nose hairs I could find and remove at 11pm on a Saturday night.

If I had known they were looking to hire “spox” instead of “Spocks” I would have dress a _lot_ differently for that interview.

“What are space probes if not dongles we use to interface with other planets?” - hot take from a guy who happened to get a dongle in the mail while watching the Mars landing

Great, it’s raining so I can’t see this Mars landing. That’s just great.

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