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I’ll take the win. And your tax records, orange Grimace.

I swear I just dusted this house last year.

64 GB should be enough for any-shit, I filled it up already and it hasn’t even shipped yet.

[turns to camera, puts knee up, puts elbow on knee, flashes winning smile]


So, wonder when I can paint that deck railing.

[checks weather forecast]

June, then. Great.

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Thrilled to be on yet another episode of Random Trek! This time: First Duty. theincomparable.com/randomtrek

Yes, the New York Times election night needle graphic should be outlawed as a human rights violation, but think about how great it’ll be when we have AR glasses and they’ll try to put it right in front of our eyeballs haha oh god they’ll do that won’t they

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My wife just bought a pair of AirPods, thereby increasing the odds of new ones being announced within the next couple of weeks.

Really, if you buy a bag of candy two weeks before Halloween, I don’t care how big it is, just admit to yourself that it’s for you not for trick or treaters.

This Costco bag of fun-sized candy is good for me, but what are we going to give the kids who come to the door?

Like Dr. Manhattan but the other thing I’m devoting my mental time to is always butts.

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