If anyone has never watched before (or has, & it didn't take). I highly, HIGHLY giving the new series a chance. It still may not be for you, but now is the perfect time to jump in and find out! It feels so different, and you need ZERO context coming in with Jodie Whittaker's Doctor.

And if you manage to catch the BBC America pre-show (I think they're re-airing it tonight), you'll see a lil bit of yours truly talking about !

@HollyGoDarkly OMG I must have missed it in my effort to FF and catch up to live! I will have to rewatch, this is awesome!

@HollyGoDarkly this is true, the last time this happened was Matt Smith’s first episode The Eleventh Hour back in 2010. Loved that episode.

This one, not so much.

@HollyGoDarkly that is great to hear as I skipped the last few seasons! Should people watch the special before it to catch up?

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